Due to the pandemic, the safest and quickest way to complete consultations with clients is virtually via telephone and/or video consultation, which will then lead to goals and a treatment plan.  The services we provide virtually will help to reduce pain and improve function with all clients.


Acute to chronic pain

Pre and post operative rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Exercise therapy

Strengthening and conditioning

Neurological physiotherapy

Sports injuries

Long covid - respiratory physiotherapy

The Process

Pharmacy staff completes a consultation with a client and if appropriate will refer to Aarti the physiotherapist. Please click here to fill in an enquiry form and we will then make contact and book in a consultation.  It is likely the first consultation will be a telephone and consequent treatment will be a video call - where a review of symptoms and treatment plan with progression will be discussed.

Initial consultation via telephone approx 45 min including assessment and treatment plan.

Subsequent sessions via video consultation approx 30 mins